Looking for the most natural pleasure

Contemplative immersions in the landscape

We seek special places in the landscape or in the silence of the forest where to connect with nature from the most pleasant contemplation, in the stillness and the full observation.

Silence on both sides of the skin

Live a unique experience in the countryside.

Connect with Nature

We seek special places in the landscape or in the silence of the forest where to connect with nature from the most pleasant contemplation, in the stillness and the full observation. We will learn to enjoy nature from a new look.

Relaxation Exercises

We use various techniques, or exercises to calm the mind and awaken the senses, be present, and discover feelings of well-being on both sides of the skin.

Private activities

Private activities for a minimum of 2 people, from half a day to a full weekend. Also special activities on demand.

Nature Therapy

Rupit, an idyllic location

The mature forests of Rupit are small harmonic communities, which offer us a refuge for the senses. Intimate spaces where you can reconnect with the magic of nature and with ourselves.

Increase your Vitality

Biomedical research has shown that forest therapy provides palpable and lasting psychological and physiological benefits.

Curative properties

An experience that improves your mood and enhances vitality. It helps us increase our sensory perception and activate the intuition.

It makes us live the present more and experience the union between us and nature.

Natural Coaching

Nature as a space and a benchmark in strategy, resource optimization and decision-making is a great scenario to connect with excellence, and achieve great personal satisfaction.


Trees emit volatile substances called phytonid (organic volatile compounds responsible for odors and communication between plants) that we capture through breathing and skin.

Diminish the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (causing stress).

They increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system.

It reduces hypertension.

Improve the immune system (greater concentration of anticancer cells).

Improve cardiopulmonary capacity (bronchodilators).

They help prevent cancer, melanomas, parkinson and Alzheimer's, among others.

The spaces of silence are the main scenario that will allow us to transcend the experience of nature, providing new perspectives and perspectives towards our environment and towards ourselves.


Wooden bath: ½ day

Therapeutic forest route of 3 hours duration with specialized guide and exercises of immersion in the senses for groups of between 4 and 8 people.

Immersion in the landscape: from ½ day to 1 weekend

Personalized route with off-road transportation and specialized local guide, for private groups between 4 and 16 people.

Frequently asked questions
What is a forest bath or Shinrin Yoku?
The Japanese term Shinrin Yoku literally means “absorb the atmosphere of the forest” and is a technique developed during the 80’s by the Japanese Forestry Agency where, through a short route in a mature forest with a group of guided drills to open The senses, help us to connect deeply with the forest ecosystem and absorb the volatile substances that are beneficial for our organism.
What is a mature forest?
It is a forest area of ​​high natural value. A healthy, biodiversity-rich forest ecosystem, made up of trees of different ages and with decaying wood. It is a natural habitat where all the stages of life are present and therefore a very rich ecosystem throughout the biodynamic cycle. The presence of volatile substances in their atmosphere such as phytonids, vapors and other elements makes our immune system enriched, thus encouraging the sensation of well-being and completeness.
What is the scientific basis of forest therapy?
According to studies conducted by Japanese forestry scientists, immersion in the forest atmosphere significantly increases the concentration of NK cells (in English Natural Killers) in the blood, a type of white blood cells in charge of the disease, Cancer and tumor cell removal, the presence of which in the organism can last for weeks.

The antimicrobial and tumor cell suppressor effect of the volatile substances that emerge from mature trees (phytoncides, terpenes …) in the forest atmosphere would be the main responsible for the benefit of our immune system. A decrease in cortisol or stress hormone, lowering of blood pressure, reduced incidence of infarcts and strengthening of the body’s defenses has also been observed.

With advanced neurobiology techniques, it has been confirmed that walking or simply being in the forest reduces the activity of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain where the cognitive functions and executors are found, such as planning, solving problems and making decisions. However, it has been observed that the activity moves to other parts of the brain related to emotion, empathy and pleasure.

What happens if it rains?
We can usually foresee a few days before and change the reservation date at no cost. If the rain takes us by surprise, we will have creative solutions to turn it in our favor.


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